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Q1: Where would you say money comes from?

Q2: Does the money in circulation depend on the quantity of gold in the world:

Q3: UK bank notes are printed 'I promise to pay the bearer ...'. If you took a note to a bank and asked to be paid, what would you get?


Q4: If the government says there is not enough money to pay for the NHS, or benefits, or pensions, is this statement:

Q5: If the government spends more than it raises in taxes ( a 'Budget Deficit' ), is this just like an individual living off their credit card?

Q6: What does the term 'Quantitative Easing' mean to you?:


Q7: The contribution of the financial sector to public finances is:

Q8: Which comes first: savings or investment? Hint: think about the statement: “Savings provide funds for investment”.

Q9: The Bank of Scotland current strapline is: 'From bartering to contactless'.

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